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Andrew Greene

Appetite for Deception

Andrew Greene is a rock drummer based in Portland, Oregon. He currently plays for Appetite for Deception (GNR tribute), Bow to Rome (rock/electronic project), State of Balance, and the thrash band Harness. His hard-hitting, visual style has kept him busy since he relocated to Portland from California in 2003. Since that time, he’s played with and/or recorded with the following artists:

Nicodemus Echo Us The Wonderstrucks Alter Ego Toxic Zombie State of Balance Harness Appetite for Deception





Xtreme 15 Hats
Xtreme 21 Ride
Modern 8 Splash
Classic 17 Crash
Classic 18 Crash
Modern 18 Crash
Modern 19 Crash
Modern 18 China
Xtreme 20 China