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Kevin Frost

ENGLAND- The Varukers

I started drumming at the age of 12 & played in mainly local Punk Bands till 1986. I then joined Leamington Spa based Punk Band "The Varukers" We made quite a few Single's & Album's & toured the World constantly until I retired in 2003 to concentrate on my new family.

I returned to the Varukers Drum Stool in October 2016 & was immediately thrown into the studio to record the Band's last Album "Damned & Defiant". In the two years I have been playing again we have been to the USA 3 times, Mexico, All round Europe & Scandinavia, Brazil & Chile. 2019 will be the Band's 40th anniversary & a lot is planned including a new release along with almost constant touring.

Varukers Recording's I have played on -

1994 - Nothing's Changed EP (Weird Records)
1995 - Humanity EP (Self Released)
1996 - Still Bollox But Still Here LP (We Bite Records)
1997 - Murder LP (Tribal War Records)
1998 - How Do You Sleep LP (Go Kart Records)
2017 - Damned & Defiant (Varuker Records)

Along with Playing for The Varukers I have also played in many other bands & done session work when time allows. Releases & Bands -

1989 - Metal Messiah - Honour Among Thieves LP (RKT Records)
1991 - Cerebral Fix - Bastards LP (Roadrunner Records)
1992 - Cerebral Fix - Death Erotica (Music For Nations)
1997 - Nervous Tension - Self Titled EP (Weird Records)
1997 - Nervous Tension - Patriotic Shit EP (Data Records)
1998 - Helvis - Self Titled EP (Weird Records)
1999 - Nervous Tension - Self Titled LP (Weird Records)
2000 - Helvis - Reverence The Sacrifice LP (Loudspeaker Records)
2016 - Anti-System - At What Price Is Freedom LP (Boss Tuneage Records)






Xtreme Series
14" Hi Hats
16" Crash
17" Crash 
18" Crash 
19" Crash 
20" China 
22" Ride